08:30 - 10:15GMT+3

Plenary session

Industrial programs and projects

Plenary presenters:
— Rosatom
— Karen Amram (Head of International Foresight, French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) Technology Research)
— Vladimir Pastuhov (General Director of Agency for Technological Development)
— Viacheslav Alenkov (Acting Deputy Prime Minister of the Sakhalin region)
— Alexey Borovkov (PhD in Engineering, vice-rector for digital transformation,head of the center - National Technology Initiative Centre for Advanced Manufacturing Technologies)
10:15 - 10:35GMT+3





Methodology and Approaches

Agility and Projects

Special Interest Groups

Offline stream

10:35 - 11:50GMT+3


Resilience of an organization

Moderator: Magnus Olsen

Invited paper

Rise of the Machines: An AI perspective in the Project Management World

— Harris Apostolopoulos, Chief Transformation Officer, PMO Global Alliance

Invited paper

Project manager's challenges in sustainable project management

— Vladimir Obradovic, Professor and Head of Department for Interdisciplinary Research in Management at University of Belgrade, President of IPMA Serbia
— Marija Todorović, Associate professor at the Faculty of organizational sciences, University of Belgrade and an Executive director of IPMA Serbia.
— Danijela Toljaga-Nikolić, Lecturer at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade, Serbia. Her field of interest is project management

Invited paper

Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable: Antifragility in Project Management

— Marisa Silva, The Lucky PM, Author, Speaker, PMO and PPM Practitioner and Advocate, Senior Consultant at Wellingtone, Chief Community Officer at PMO Global Alliance

Invited paper

An example of organisational competence with IPMA Delta

— Luís Marcos, Computer Science engineer, MBA from Nova Lisbon University,
IPMA Level B

Keynote presentation

Why do we need no hero project managers anymore?

— Martina Huemann, Professor at the WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria, Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Project Management; Researcher, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant at enable2change

Invited paper

The Impact of Kindness on Project Management

— Luca Cavone, Valeria Mellone

Invited paper

Project Resilience Beyond Agility – From Bad Ideas to Best Practice

— Josef Oehmen, Ph.D., MBA, is an Associate Professor at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
Moderators: Peter Coesmans.

Artificial Intelligence

Moderator – Mladen Vukomanović

Literature Review of the Application of Artificial Intelligence in Project Management

— Nino Gorgadze

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Project Management

— Çetin Elmas

Methods of artificial intelligence for the synthesis and initiation of social projects in a turbulent environment

— Igbal Babayev
— Jahid Babayev

Artificial Intelligence and Project Management: how can Project Risk Management be improved

— Constanza Mariani

Sustainable Project Management Summit. Part 2

Sustainability: sector context, nuclear power
ROSATOM experience on transition to sustainability approach

– Oxana Klimenko
– Nikolay Leontiev

– Konstantin Zavizenov, Director for capital construction of foreign NPPS, Atomstroyexport JSC
– Alexey Agafonov, Director on maintenance and development of the project production of Engineering Division of Rosatom State Corporation
– Anton Protsenko, PMO Director of «Rusatom Overseas» JSC

Ceremony of IPMA Delta rewarding of AEM, RAOS, GSPI
— A. Tovb, A. Protsenko, I. Baikov

11:50 - 12:10GMT+3

Coffee break




Methodology and Approaches

Agility and Projects

Special Interest Groups

Offline stream

12:10 - 13:25GMT+3


Digitalisation of PM approaches in construction and production industries

Moderator: Veniamin Kizeev.

Paper presentations

Developing Management and Implementation Mechanism for a Digital Supply System Transformation Program in Construction Company

— Hayrapetyan D., Yakovleva A.

Analysing cost overrun at building construction project using building information modelling

— Sihombing L., Baskoro A.

Efficient project management with the digital twin tool in construction projects

— Chaptsov A.,
Zobnin M.

Digital Construction Company and "digit" influence on subject areas of the project

— Vasiliev V.

3D/4D/5D Modelling to Implement Priority Construction Project of NLMK Group. NLMK BIM-System

— Dorobin D.

Keynote presentation

A good fail is better than a bad success

— Darren Dalcher, Professor in Strategic Project Management at Lancaster University Management School, founder and Director of the National Centre for Project Management (NCPM).


Scaling for success

Moderator: Darren Dalcher.
Participants: Hannes Griebel, Tony Ran, Pavel Alferov.

Moderators: Vladimir Obradovic

Invited paper

The Sustainability School of Project Management

— Gilbert Silvius

Paper presentations

Priority processes for project managers

— Nijhuis S.

Diagnostics of the very responsible projects

— Maron A., Maron M.

Risk Simulation Challenges and Success Driven Project Management

— Shavyrina V., Liberzon V.

Shortening expected project makespan with extended activity-based policy

— Tsarkov I.

Moderator: Rebeka D. Vlahov Golomejic

Paper presentations

Lean-Agile PMO: Modern trend or future of PMO?

— Rozhkova E., Ruzhitskaya A., Churilov R., Lebedev E., Kulikov E.

CANYON Bicycle: The successful evolution from a planned webshop-relaunch to a realized global digital transformation project

— Baumann T.

Measuring the Agile Mindset on Individual, Team and Organizational Levels - Results of an Empirical Study

— Nuhn H.


Moderator – Tim Jaques

Project management strategy to maximize value in healthcare organizations

— Henrique Neves

Implementation of a PMO in a healthcare organization: history of 10 years, achievements and results

— Juliana Pan

Brazilian Health Management and Market: scenarios and trends

— June Cruz

How behavioral, leadership and self-awareness skills can improve project management performance in healthcare organizations

— Raphael Albergarias

Sustainable Project Management Summit. Part 3

Good practices of realization sustainable project management of projects at the territories where Rosatom is being constructed the nuclear power stations

— Oxana Klimenko
— Nikolay Leontiev

Alexandr Khazin, Senior Vice–president of JSC Atomstroyexport
Alexandr Chukin, Head of Division for Management of Projects in China. JSC Atomstroyexport

Discussion: Key Success Factors for Implementing Sustainability Concept into Projects, Programs and Portfolios

13:25 - 14:25GMT+3





Methodology and Approaches

Agility and Projects

Special Interest Groups

Offline stream

14:25 - 15:40GMT+3

Special Global Customer event
(Part 1)

Moderator - Agnès Roux-Kiener
Participants: Thales, Infineon, Alstom, Siemens Energy, Siemens Gamesa, Renault

Invited paper

Digital transformation in VTB.
Case study

— Sergey Bezbogov.

Invited paper

High-tech projects management in united information space

— Michael Khohanov
— Yuri Belikov

Paper presentations

Project Management Office in International IT Service provider. Challenges and Solutions

— Sadakov A.

Round table

Professional Journey.
Learning and Continuing Development.

Regenerating Learning, Enabling Professional Development

Paper presentations

How to embrace the digital era and develop competences without losing ourselves?

— Kamba P.

Competences for the Management of the Digital Transformation

– Wolff C.,
- Mikhieieva O.

Artificial Intelligence in Project Management and its impact on project managers’ competences

– Reschwamm K., Richard P.

Keynote presentation

Marina Alex, Creator of SWAY (Sales with Agile system), Business Agility Coach & Agile sales expert


Presentation of SWAY applying agility to sales (non-IT)

Moderators: Peter Coesmans.

Innovation and Change

Moderator – Mladen Vukomanović

Conditions for Success: Creating the Right Ecosystem for Large-scale Digital Transformation

— Tim Jaques
— Eleni Papadonikolaki


Digitalization in capital construction projects

Moderator: Maxim Grishin, Ph.D., MBA, RMR, President of the St. Petersburg chapter of PMI, Executive Director of the Association "Eurasian Community of Progressive Packing Practitioners (AWP)"

15:40 - 16:00GMT+3





Methodology and Approaches

Agility and Projects

Special Interest Groups

Offline stream

16:00 - 17:15GMT+3

Special Global Customer event
(Part 2)


Moderator: Hannes Griebel, KAM Infineon
Infineon’s way to project excellence
— Alexander von Glasow, Project Director


Moderator: Amin Saidoun, Executive Director of IPMA
The benefits of being an IPMA Global Customer
— Marie-Gabrielle Fourmond, Bids & Project Director

Statement of Air Liquide concerning PM-competence
— Special guest Dr. Mayank Agarwal, Air Liquide

Keynote presentation

Shifting from Projects to Products

— Nikolay Butvina

Invited paper

Sbergile: the biggest agile transformation in the financial market

— Dmitry Shevtsov

Invited paper

An effective approach to the implementation of investment projects.

— Leonid Blayvas, Aeroflot

Paper presentations

Infodemia in the project management during the COVID 2019 Pandemia

— Bushuev S., Bushuyev D., Bushueva V.

Self-awareness and Role-play Based PM Capability Building: Case Study Karlstad Business School (PC)

— Bergman H., Mansson E.

The research on the construction of the identity of project teams

— Semenova D.

Moderators: Mladen Radujkovic

Paper presentations

The resilience of the turkey at thanksgiving

— Geist R.

The relationship between post implementation impact evaluation and sustainability of rural water projects Kenya

— Kwena R.

Towards Hybrid Intelligence in Project Management

— Glowasz M.

On the real value of project, program and portfolio management (PPPM) and PPPM standards

— Pozniakov V.


Facilitator: Juliano Denicol

OECD work on infrastructure and procurement

— Paulo Magina

STEPS – Support Tool for Effective Procurement Strategy: An evidence based approach

— Dejan Makovsek


PM vs Cyber РМ? How to harmonize the humanitarian and technological matters?
(Part 1)

Moderator: Pavel Alferov, Oleg Lavrov
17:15 - 17:45GMT+3

Summary of the Day