Methodology and Approaches

Agility and Projects

Special Interest Groups

Offline stream

09:00 - 10:00GMT+3

Keynote presentation
Moderator: Hans Knoepfel

Digital Processes to Support Information Management in the Delivery of Construction Projects

— Mark Baldwin, Managing Director at Digital Insights; Co-Head of the Digital Construction Bachelor degree program at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.
— Ghang Lee

Paper presentations

A Case Analysis for Managing IT Dispute Risk

— Ohtaka H., Koumura M., Isokawa M.

Distinctive features of project management during El-Dabaa NPP construction

— Kovtunov A.

Invited paper

Case study: How to transform Project?

— Eugeny Bumagin

Paper presentations

Non-profit projects in pandemic world

— Kudryavtseva E.

Conplexity in Ownership Structure

— Di Castri G.

Invited paper

Driving people and projects with a culture of health for business

— Brian Cracknell
— Tika Rai


Psychological Safety & Wellbeing. Preventing stress & burnout

Moderator— Leh Simonelli

Paper presentations

Individual and team resiliency in project management: The IFEEL Method of assessing stress, preventing burnout and assuring psychological safety using the Functional Resiliency Scale (FRS)

— Dolmatova-Eggers I., Meyer S.

Moderator - Igbal Babayev

Paper presentations

Project management SMARtification driving by digital footprint

— Bushuyev S., Murzabekova S., Khusainova M.

Schedule Optimization Methods and Tools

— Liberzon V. , Shavyrina V.

Drivers in the management of large projects and megaprojects. The Challenges of 2021: Uncertainties, Digitalization and Decarbonization (PC)

— Pujanova E., Tsvetkov A., Sadovnikov S., Overchenko N., Ivochkina V.


Crowdsourcing ideas on surviving agile transformations

Keynote: Davor Čengija, Agile Coach

Moderator: Rebeca Vlahov Golomejic

Smarter Cities & Smart Rural

Moderator – Tim Jaques

City of Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality case study

— Ben Peters
— Mark Cawood
— Hugh Cole

Integrative Intelligence: a great deal for sustainable rural development

— Jesus Martinez Almela


Innovation and digitalization – where is the room for a human being

Moderator: Sergey Trushkin, leading digitalization expert of the WINbd Management Academy, Managing partner of a number of enterprises, project manager for the implementation of automation systems.

10:00 - 10:30GMT+3

Coffee break




Methodology and Approaches

Agility and Projects

Special Interest Groups

Offline stream

10:30 - 11:30GMT+3

Moderator: Chinwi Mgbere
Paper presentations

Observing natural selection of elements of organizational architectures in the digital age

— Chaptsov A.

Analysis of practices of implementing lean technologies in project and program management in the Russian Federation and evaluation of their effectiveness

— Khalimon E., Brikoshina I.,
Guseva M.

Dialogue with a top manager. How to guarantee business results from the implementation of project management?

— Mazein D.

Rostelecom B2O Project Office: from minor changes to major results

— Kuleshov A.

Invited paper

Stakeholder management in international projects

— Vytautas Pugacevskis

Paper presentations

The integration of BIM and project management system in the AEC industry: synergetic effect

— Chekanov V., Ryabinin A.

Change management and project management in public sector organizations. Implementing customer service standards within “MosGorTrans” and “Moscow Metropolitain” state unitary enterprises

— Seliverstova A.

Paper presentations

Delivering Projects in a Borderless World: Emerging Trends and Their Implication on Practice and Research

— Afieroho U.

Management projects by emotional infection base on the risks and opportunities

— Bushuyev S., Bushuev D., Bushueva V., Babayev J.

Features and problems of forming teams of strategic projects of Russian universities

— Apenko S.,
Breusova A.

Ethics in Projects of Digital Era

— Ilina O., Tsipes L.

Moderators: Sergey Bushuev

Paper presentations

Integration of sustainable development into international projects in the FMCG industry

— Bessolitsyn T.

How business model affect the portfolio structure in construction industry

— Nechaeva I.

Project Manager Competencies And University Educational Programs In Project Management

— Shavrin A., Peshkova O.

Ecosystems for Teaching Project Management at a University

— Rodionova Z.

Smarter University


Project management at universities: from local to global: What teaching trends are in project management

Moderator: Veniamin Kizeev
Participants: Martina Huemann, Vladimir Obradovic, Harald Venes, Daniil Sandler.


PM vs Cyber РМ? How to harmonize the humanitarian and technological matters?
(Part 2)

Moderator: Pavel Alferov,
Oleg Lavrov, chairman of the Board of the Association of Russian Specialists and Experts in Knowledge Management "KM Alliance".

11:30 - 12:00GMT+3





Methodology and Approaches

Agility and Projects

Special Interest Groups

Offline stream

12:00 - 13:00GMT+3

Moderator: Antonio Calabrese
Paper presentations

Pharmaceutical R&D project management approach for drug development projects under high level of uncertainty

— Grishina E.

Managing biopharma-ceutical projects: How to approach successful development

— Afonkina O.

The contradictions between the project management and the concept of sustainable development

— Davliatshin K.

Project governance and external stakeholders: The role of social technologies - A literature review

— Nayery M., Sobhiyah M.

Paper presentations

“Expectation Exchange” can help to accelerate performance of Project Teams during initial stages of a project

— Drakin A.

Managing Hybrid Teams of Non-Commercial Projects

— Suslov E., Gorn E.

Understanding Virtual Team Communications for Project Success

— Norman F.G

How to provide stability within the team in the VUCA-world

— Reyzenbuk K.

Storytelling and interactive session

The Power of Project Leadership - Seven Leadership Lessons

— Paul Hodgkins

Moderators: Vladimir Obradovic

Paper presentations

The imitation of project management in the organization: signs and reasons

— Ramenskaya L.

Project management methodology in the practice of evidence-based development, evidence-based policy

— Fiofanova O.

The holistic model of PRINCE2 implementation in process-oriented organizations

— Zuykov K.

Business Innovation Games – as Micro and Nano Projects

— Kogan Y.

Paper presentations

Agile Leadership - know thy self

— Taylor R., Wills К.

Towards an Agile Culture – one step at a time

— Taylor R., Wills К.

Moderator: Rebeka Vlahov Golomejic.


Professional development of project management

Moderator: Veniamin Kizeev, leading expert in project management at the WINbd Academy of Management, member of the Board of the SOVNET project management association.

13:00 - 14:00GMT+3


14:00 - 15:00GMT+3

Summary of the Day.

Summary of the Congress (Darren Dalcher).